How many times did Ross get married – and to whom?

September 8, 2022

One of the main themes of Friends is relationships; the six friends are constantly in and out of good, bad and ugly relationships. And while Joey is the serial dater of the group, Ross jumps headlong into marriage twice more after his divorce from Carol. This becomes a source of comedy in the series, with the other five repeatedly joking about his multiple unions.

Here are Ross’ three wives:

1.      Carol Willick

In the pilot episode, Ross is going through his first divorce. His marriage to Carol Willick – which lasted around four years – ends when she comes out as a lesbian and starts a new life with Susan. This is a great source of sadness and frustration to Ross, who subsequently finds out that Carol is pregnant with his child. As he negotiates his way through pregnancy and parenting, he has to set aside his anger and heartbreak, and accept Susan into his life.

2.      Emily Waltham

Ross’ marriage to Emily was doomed from the start (who could forget his infamous mistake of saying Rachel’s name instead of Emily’s when he takes his vows?).

The pair start dating when they’re introduced by Rachel, and fast-track their way through a long-distance relationship to engagement when Ross proposes after six weeks. There are obstacles to their wedding all the way, with the building they’d chosen being torn down early – and of course, Rachel’s unexpected appearance.

The whole marriage lasts two to three months. After all, how could Emily ignore that slip up at the altar?

3.      Rachel Green

Ross’ feelings for Rachel are clear from the very first season of Friends, and the pair finally get together in Season 2. However, they break up in Season 3, and the subsequent ups and downs of their relationship is one of the main plot lines of the show. Then at the end of Season 5, they get drunk in Las Vegas, head to a chapel and get married. The next morning, the pair remember what they did and agree to get anannulment – but Ross waits so long to do so that they miss the window to qualify for annulment, and have to get divorced.

Of course, the Ross and Rachel story doesn’t end there – Rachel goes on to have Ross’ daughter. And in the final episode of the show, the two get back together, although whether or not they get married is left to our imagination.

Ross, Rachel and the rest

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